Strategic Plan 2022-2027

RCAPS Board of Education approved a strategic plan at a recent meeting to guide work in the District for the next five years. A key piece of the plan was establishing “Leading the Pack” as the new vision statement. You’re going to hear and see “Leading the Pack” everywhere as the students and staff embed this vision into everything we do! A team of community members, parents, school staff, and board members spent a Saturday developing belief, vision, mission, and goal statements. We gathered a diverse group of people connected by a strong desire to help plan the school’s future, added a school board facilitator to assist in the work, and spent a day building consensus around critical pieces for the District’s success.

We talked about Academics/Programs, Learning Environment, Communication, Personnel/Leadership, and Operations. Broad goal statements were created by smaller groups and then approved by all involved. School staff took those broad goal statements and wrote priority objectives for each of them. The next step in the planning is to establish timelines and a monitoring process for the Board of Education.

Strategic Plan Summary


Providing a diverse education with equitable opportunities in a supportive environment.


Leading the Pack

Belief Statements

Every Student, Every Day: Learning, Growing, Caring

Strategic Goal Areas