If you need assistance with technology please call 231-791-PAWS (7297) and leave a message with our technology department. You can also email help_tech@reedcityschools.org. Someone will be with you as soon as possible.

Updates below -

Coyote Family, 

Four very important updates below! Be safe! Be well! 

1. We now have three outdoor wireless access points set up around the district. Below is an image of where to park at each building for the best access. The name of the WiFi is “RCAPS_Public.” 

2. When downloading Zoom on your Chromebook make sure to pick the correct app. It should say https://zoom.us in the “offered by” section. Image attached for the correct application. 

3. We are noticing some issues with our Chromebooks and Hughesnet Internet. This is a tip from a district in PA. “We recommend you contact Hughesnet Support (1-866-347-3292) for instructions on making the following setting changes. a. Disable IPV6 address conversion b. Disable any Web Acceleration or Turbo” 

4. Staff, students, and families can receive Michigan educational prices on devices for personal use!!! Please note even before our current situation there have been delays in getting parts for computers out of China. Expect delays in shipping. Flyer here: https://bit.ly/REMC_RC

If you still have issues or have any other technology needs please email help_desk@reedcityschools.org for the fastest help. #CoyoteStrong #BetterTogether