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Budget & Financial Information

Budget and Salary Compensation Transparency Reporting for Reed City Area Public Schools

MCL 388.1618 of the State School Aid Act requires all public schools to post certain financial information on their website. The Department has developed guidance to standardize this website reporting. Please click the following link to view the guidance: Budget/Salary Transparency Reporting Guidance

The legislative requirements may be found here: State School Aid Act Section 18

The Department has created a standard budget transparency icon that is available in multiple versions to better fit a website's design requirements. When using the version without text, the text "Budget & Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting" must accompany the icon using means suitable for the website platform and current technical standards.

Board of Education Approved Budgets

Annual Budgets for the five most recent years are included below.

Operating Expenditures


Personnel Expenditures


Tax Pledge/Request Levee Notices


Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans


Deficit Elimination Plan

  • A deficit has not been incurred

Medical Benefit Plan Bids

  • No Bids Requested

Employee Compensation Information


Current Union Contracts & Agreements


Audited Financial Statements


Procurement Policy & Expense Reimbursement Policy


Accounts Payable Check Register


District Paid Lobbying Costs


District Paid Association Dues


District Credit Card Information


District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information


District Policies


FOIA Information



Educator Evaluation Systems Posting and Assurances
as required by  MCL 380.1249b(l)(e)  & MCL 380.1249b(3)