Coyote Sock Sale! Order until Monday, February 25

Student Council is having a fundraiser! Check out these custom made socks the pros wear: Endurall to prevent blisters and add support, Sta Cool nylon for moisture and wicking performance, arch supportzone for added comfort, ankle support for stability, achilles wrap for protection, bacteria and odor reistance.

Order until Monday, February 25 -  You must email Telli Clairday at with the SIZE, and HOW MANY of each size you want. Please look at the mock up for sizing options.
Cost of EACH is $15.00. Please help us so we can continue to support our student body and community!

There are no kid sizes available.

These are both men and womens socks. If you are unsure of what size you would wear: Womens shoe sizes run 2 sizes smaller than mens. So, if you are a womans size 9, you would wear socks size small (7-9).