Coyote Trail and Parking Lot Closure Notification

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Coyote Trail will be closed to all vehicle traffic excluding middle school staff and school busses starting August 27th, 2018 from the hours of 6:00AM through 4:00PM during school days. This change will ensure safety for our students who are being bussed to school along with our students walking and parent transport at the high school/middle school. 

 Barricades will be placed at the service road connecting the large parking lot in front of the middle school to the drive that connects with Church St. This will eliminate traffic crossing where our walking students have to cross the road. The large parking lot in front of the middle school will be bus loading and unloading throughout the day and must remain free of vehicle traffic to ensure safety of our students and busses.

 All parents picking up their middle school and high school students shall enter off Church St and proceed through the loop near the middle school and back out to Church St. 

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward kicking off another great year at Reed City Area Public Schools.


Thank you,

TJ Updike

Supervisor of Grounds and Transportation
Reed City Area Public Schools
Phone (231) 832-4232
Fax (231) 832-4502

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