Last Day for RCAPS?

Good Morning All,
There is still no decision made at the legislature about Snow Days and Forgiveness. News on this front is changing quickly. As of last night, the Senate plans to discuss this today in caucus and possibly take a vote on the floor. If passed, it will go to the house for concurrence and then the governor for signature.  
The bad news: Emergency days only (and still not sure if it is 3, 4, or 5) is the discussion. It is the best possible outcome given the political dynamics. We have not added any half-hour increments because we do not need a large amount of hours which is not the case for some of our surrounding districts IF the days/hours was lifted for this year only.
Our last day COULD be:
June 24 IF nothing happens
June 19 IF 3 days forgiveness
June 18 IF 4 days forgiveness
June 17 IF 5 days forgiveness
June ??? IF...
I will provide an official end date when a decision has been signed by the Governor.
Thanks for understanding and being patient in this process.
Dr. Myra Munroe,